We are a leading producer and marketer of nickel, with assets in Australia, Canada and Europe.

We produce some of the world’s purest nickel – and we are also one of the largest recyclers and processors of nickel-bearing materials, including batteries.

Our marketing business deals in nickel metal as well as concentrates, intermediates and ferronickel.

We produce other metals as a by-product of nickel production, including cobalt, copper, precious metals and platinum-group metals.

The journey of nickel

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Nickel in figures - 2020

  • $591m

    adjusted EBITDA from our nickel assets

  • 149 kt

    of nickel sold via our marketing business

  • 110 kt

    of nickel produced at our own assets

  • 376c/lb

    cost/margin performance

Uses of nickel

Nickel is mainly used to make stainless steel: it adds strength and corrosion resistance to the steel, and is also used in types of steel designed to be less magnetic. It is also used for nickel plating.

With its ability to handle high temperatures, nickel features in specialty steels and superalloys, used for example in jet engines.

Nickel compounds are used in batteries – increasingly so in the powerful batteries used in electric vehicles.

Nickel assets

We have interests in a range of mining assets on four continents. They include:


New Caledonia

Koniambo is a large-scale integrated ferronickel mining and processing complex.

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Murrin Murrin

Murrin Murrin is a nickel-cobalt operation in the north-eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, producing refined nickel and cobalt metal.

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See also Glencore in Australia



Located in Kristiansand, Nikkelverk is the largest nickel refinery in the western world – producing high-quality nickel and cobalt.

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Raglan Mine


Raglan Mine is a nickel-copper operation located in the Arctic region at the extreme limit of northern Quebec.

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Sudbury INO


Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations are located in the Sudbury basin, northern Ontario, Canada. Nickel–copper ores have been mined there since 1928. The operations also include the Sudbury smelter.

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See also Glencore in Canada

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Introducing Raglan Mine, Canada
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Introducing Raglan Mine, Canada

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